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In this day of political correctness, no one has the right to speak of judgment, or to be judgmental. We live in the day of doing it “my way”. It was said of Israel that “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes”(Judges 21:25). So it is not new that man resists the very idea of being held accountable for his actions.

It has been said that the reason that theological liberals have attacked the Book of Genesis(especially chapters 1-11) and the Book of Revelation is that, if you can discount where man came from and where he is headed, nothing in between matters. In other words, if we can discredit the biblical account of Creation found in Genesis and the Return of Jesus Christ found in Revelation, then what is between the two leaves us as no more than animals who die and just go back to dust.  With no accountability to God, we can live as animals and then simply die as animals.

But, is that true? And where did the idea originate? Who would even dream up such an idea? And if this idea gains prominence in this world, where does it lead us? Is it true that we are no more than animals, who live out our lives and then death is the end of it all?

At first glance we would ridicule such notions. How ridiculous that anyone would come up with something like this! But, the teaching is here and, sadly, has gained much respect and following.

We can trace the early beginnings of this ridiculous and artificial ideology to Bill and Hillary Clinton. While they may not have originated the idea, they certainly brought it to the forefront of American thinking and in vogue(and I suppose we would have to admit that they probably had a vested interest in doing so). Suddenly it was not the sin nature that was man’s problem, he was now a victim.

Our environment, our upbringing, our educational level, our intellect all join together to make us victims. So no longer are we responsible for anything. As victims, we cannot be held accountable for whatever it is that we do or don’t do. After all, we are all “good” people, right? None of us would wittingly say or do anything that would be derogatory or harmful to anyone, right? Evil is an out dated idea and if we can just overcome the things that make us victims we will be fine, right?

Well, depends on who you choose to believe, man or God. And personally I choose to believe God(“…yea, let God be true, but every man a liar…[Rom.3:4;italics mine]). And if God can be trusted in what He says, there is no such thing as a “good” person(Rom.3:9-20; 7:15-18). Again, if God can be trusted in what He says, all of us are deserving of God washing His hands of us and for Him to cast every one of us  into hell for all eternity.

And if God is to be trusted in what He says, then why aren’t we suffering that awful judgment now? Well, the same Bible that says the above about us, also says that God is the God of all mercy and grace(Rom.4:1-25). It is by His mercy and grace that we have any hope of escape from eternal damnation, certainly not by our merit.

So what makes the difference between being condemned and being spared by the God of Heaven? It is based solely on our faith and where we choose to place it. I can place my faith in myself, my deserts, my “goodness”, my merits, or I can place my faith in the Word of God and the finished work on Calvary. And by placing my faith in myself, I bring on myself the worst kind of judgment. You see, God has provided me the opportunity to escape sure judgment, but I negate that opportunity in turning to myself for my salvation.

So just where does judgment come into all this? What happens if there really is a Judge and judgment? And what is the basis of that judgment, my victimhood or my faith? I can rely on being a victim, unable to rise above my circumstances, and in doing so, I bring  judgment on myself(John 3:18). There is a sense in which I pronounce condemnation on myself; God does not have to do it. He made the offer, and I rejected it, therefore I stand condemned by my choice.

Try as we may, we cannot explain away, nor can we avoid, judgment. God, as God, is Sovereign and answers to no one. We, however, are the created and must answer to our Creator God. As humans, we continually try to justify ourselves in whatever our lot in life may be, but this Sovereign God tells us that there is no justification apart from the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. And by rejecting that Sacrifice that was made for us, judgment becomes our lot, not just in life, but also in eternity.

So what do you believe? And upon what are you willing to place your “chances”? Are you willing to continue to deceive yourself or are you willing to trust what God has said? YOUR CHOICE…

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