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People have worshiped since Creation. In the very earliest days of Creation, all Adam and Eve knew to worship was their Creator God. The Bible is not clear on how long this lasted, but one day a drastic change took place in their lives. For the first time in created history, people were faced with choosing whom they would worship. And, as been the case throughout history, they chose wrong.

One thing that the world has all wrong is that Christianity is NOT a “religion”. There are many who claim to be “Christian” but their practice is “religion”. The difference between “religion” and “Christianity” is that religion is man seeking God, and Christianity is God seeking man(Luke 19:10; John 4:23). The problem with “religion” is that when man seeks after a god, he will always seek a god of his own concoction. That “god” has to fit in with his understanding of what a god is, how this god works,etc. In other words, the god that  man seeks will be on his own level. This god has to exist on the level of his understanding.

With Christianity, the God Who seeks man is the Eternal, Almighty, Holy, Unseen God. This Eternal God is beyond humanity’s reach and understanding. No matter what we do we cannot reach Him. He is beyond us, out there where even our minds cannot go. We cannot grasp even His existence, for He had no beginning; He always was. There is nothing temporal with Him; He lives in the eternal now. There is no future with Him; He is already there. The human mind is not able to comprehend this Eternal God, so the world by a great majority, rejects Him.

So, the result of worship will depend totally on either “religion” or “Christianity”. People will take on the image of the god that is worshiped. When folks worship the god of their own concoction, they take on the image of that god. When people worship the Eternal God, they will take on His image.

This is why most people go through life totally unchanged in their lives, their demeanor, their attitudes. The god they worship fits into the mold of their own lives, so their god is a mirror of themselves. So, they live and die and always stay the same.

But when the Eternal God is truly worshiped, the worshipers will take on His image. Because the worshiper is a sinner by nature, he is unable to change on his own. But, as he engages in true worship, the Eternal God begins a work in him/her that is as eternal as the God Who is doing the work. The worshiper’s life is changed, his attitude is changed, his mind is changed, his love is changed, his focus on life and eternity is changed; his is indeed a “new creäture”(II Cor.5:17).

But why would all this be true? Why does a  person always fit into the mold of the god he worships? What is there about humanity that causes us to seek a god we can worship? Why do we feel the need to have a god, to begin with? Why is having a god to worship so necessary for, and to, us?

Very good questions, which may actually defy any understandable answers. We do know this–man is a created being, no matter what so-called “science” may claim. And since we are created, that mandates a Creator, One Who is so above us that He has the unlimited power to bring us into existence. And being created, this Creator owns us and has the authority to mandate certain moral traits in us. He also has the authority to call us into account for the way we choose to live, whether in accordance with His mandates, or the life of our own choosing. That simply means that He, alone, is the Judge and we answer to Him.

So since we are created, and sinners by nature, how can we live so as to be accepted by Him? Humanity has struggled with that question for time immemorial. But this Eternal God even thought of all that and has provided a solution which is found in the life, teaching and death of His only Begotten Son.

So this Eternal God has made a way for us to live, to worship, to be righteous in His sight, but we are still marred by our sinful nature. So, He provided the means of worship. As I go through my life, I choose to engage in worship of Him, both private and collectively with my brothers and sisters. As I hear His Word declared to me, that Word begins a mighty work in me(John 15:3; Eph.5:26).

Then, as I worship and as I walk with Him, He begins to mold me into the image of His dear Son(Rom.8:28,29). And as He does all this, I find my attitude toward Him, toward myself, towards others, towards life itself, being changed. I begin to see that my entire life has been, and is being, totally changed.

But, it is not only what I see in myself, it is what others will see in me. I cannot have my life changed by this Eternal God without other people seeing a dramatic difference in me. It is in this way that He makes a record in me of what He is able to do in the life of anyone who will choose to worship Him. In other words, if He can make that kind of change in me, He can do so in the life of anyone. And He has done all this since the dawn of time, and will continue to do so until time ceases.

And may I add a word of  personal testimony of all this? At my age now, 75, I can look back over my life and see the mighty hand of God as He worked His miraculous power in me. I am awed at how He has absolutely changed everything about me. And O, how it humbles me that this Eternal God would take such notice of such as I am!


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