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What is the priority in your church? What is it that is emphasized above all else in the place where you attend, you pastor, you teach Sunday School, where you place your tithes and offerings? What MUST be first in the Church, the winning of the lost, missions, fellowship, loving one another, etc.?

The Church has many functions, responsibilities and pursuits. Each one of these is a vital part of the church’s overall existence and mission. Scripture clearly lays out our responsibility to assemble ,to preach the Word, to teach the people and to support the church with our presence, our prayers and our money.

Overall, I feel the Church is doing a fairly good job in assembling, preaching and even giving. But, teaching is another subject altogether. Most pastors are fairly faithful in preaching, but the Great Commission also tells us to teach. How is your pastor doing in this area of responsibility; as a pastor, do you concentrate on preaching, or teaching? A good way to grade yourself as a member or your pastor as a teacher, is “Are the members ‘growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ’ “, or are they sitting there each Sunday tuning themselves out because it’s the same sermon every service-“Turn, or burn”? The members see themselves as being saved, so why even listen?

May I suggest the proper priorities for the Church? If you would, turn to Hebrews, chapter 11, the “faith” chapter of the Bible. Read, I’m begging you, verses 1-7. Will you notice that Abel worshiped God, Enoch walked with God and Noah worked for God. My brothers and sisters, it is God’s will that the FIRST priority of the Church is to worship God. A. W. Tozer said that “Worship is the lost jewel of the New Testament Church today.” Sadly, worship is ignored while “work” is shouted from the pulpits of America. The “work” is vital, indeed, but the emphasis must not be on “the work of God, but the God of the work”.

My brother, as a pastor, when was the last time you spent time teaching your folks about the worship of God?

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Like you, I am still struggling in my walk with God. Like you, I have not arrived. So, please respond with your comments, pro or con. All I ask is that no vulgarity, shouting down, no put-downs be used. I am a Christian and I trust that, if you are reading this blog, you are also. This blog is written by a Christian, for Christians, and so, please, let's keep all comments in that vein. In fact, this is how we all learn. So, thank you for reading this blog, and thank you for responding, again, pro or con.
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  1. Richard Ingram says:

    I agree, Bro. Pearce! While everything should and does point to the Gospel and the work of Christ, there needs to be more emphasis on “feeding the sheep” in many churches today! Evangelism if of course a priority, but evangelism flows from a flock that is growing spiritually, not just numerically! While turn or burn sermons do confront the reality of the matter, teaching about the daily Christian walk proclaims the Gospel just as well. You can share the Gospel with a lost man by showing how the Gospel impacts a Christian’s daily walk. I believe it gives them an even greater understanding, as you teach the flock about growth through trials, struggles, and sanctification in general–it all ties in to the Gospel. The Gospel is the lens through which we should view all matters of our faith. The message of God’s grace can be applied and expressed in many ways, not just through the same ol’ plan of salvation! The sermon always points to Christ….but it doesn’t have to be the same sermon!

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