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Welcome! Enter into this experience with me as we seek to know God and to walk daily with Him. Like you, I am by no means an authority on anything. While I am 74 years old, I’m not sure I know God as much as I did 30 years ago. The more I have learned about, and from, Him, the more I am aware of just how little I do know.

As you well know, the Bible is so vast and so complex, yet so simple. And it is in the simplicity of the Bible that we find so much of our lack of knowledge and understanding. As so many have learned as they grew in Christ, we try to complicate everything, and end up being thoroughly confused. So, let’s keep everything as simple as we can, be as kind as we can, treat each other as believers and let’s move forward in our walk with the Lord.

Please feel free to respond, but please do so kindly. Again, I am no more of an authority than you, so let’s try to learn from each other; disagree where we will, but love and respect each other. Thank you so very much for your attention and kindness.

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