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Prayer, what is it?

One of the things that bother me so much today in the Church is that we try to teach our people about many things about the Christian life(i.e., reading the Bible, witnessing, tithing, fellowship, loving others, etc.) and in most cases, we do it fairly well. But one thing that the Church fails miserably in is the teaching about prayer(Luke 11:1). When is the last time you heard a sermon, had a Bible study, Sunday School lesson, about what prayer is and how to do it?

The pulpits tell the folks that prayer is simply “talking to God”. Study the recorded prayers in the Bible and notice how many times God spoke to the pray-er in response to his/her prayer(study David’s prayer life, and his refusal to act until he heard from God).

Have you ever been involved in a totally one-sided conversation, one that you couldn’t get a word in edge-wise? Every time you opened your mouth to add your input into the conversation, you cut off by the other person? Ever stop to consider what God must think when we get through “talking to Him”?

Sad to say that most of our praying boils down to “Lord, my name is Jimmy, I’ll take all you gimme. Amen.” And then we go about a daily routine. Brilliant, huh?

I fully understand that Jesus taught us to ask the Father for our needs, and we must. But, first, have we checked to see if we are asking “according to His will”(I John 5:14)? Second, do we take the time to simply “wait before the Lord” for His response? Third, why are we making the request that we just made? Is it based on selfishness or is it based on our wish to carry out the will of God?

So much of spiritual immaturity in our churches would be greatly helped if we would teach our folks about prayer(Luke 11:1), and spend time ourselves practicing this thing called “prayer”! But the real problem is that most of our pastor/teachers have not studied this issue for themselves, so how can they teach their flock?






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