I am a 74-year-old retired Baptist pastor. I was a bi-vocational pastor for some 45+ years. For those not familiar with “bi-vocational”, it simply means that, for the most part, the churches were too small to financially support a pastor and his family, so I would have a secular job to support my family. Many, many churches and pastors fall into this category, and it may become the “wave of the future” for even more churches. Paul, himself, was bi-vocational, which indicates to me, at least, that being bi-vocational is not bad, nor the norm for the New Testament Church.

Pastoring small churches is an experience within itself. You get an education that is available to no one else. Life is rich with experiences and rewards with an insight into human nature, human failures, human successes, human frailties and human strengths. It is through these many years that God taught me about myself, about Himself, about His Word and about human sin. It is this last that brought me so many times to my knees, weeping over my sin and pleading with Him to get through this old thick skull of mine and teach me. He did, but not without many, many trials, errors, tears, heartaches and total failures.

But, praise His wonderful Name, I found that, through it all, God is faithful, and will surely, and indeed, supply all our needs, no matter what these needs may be.



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