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You may have heard the old corny joke about the pastor and deacons who wrestled with a serious problem in the church for months on end. Every time the deacons and pastor met, this problem consumed all their time, their conversation and their thoughts. But every attempt to resolve this matter was worse than the last one. Everywhere they turned this problem was jumping up and slapping them in the face.

It seemed that there was just no way they could bring this matter to an acceptable conclusion. They moved Sunday School classes around, brought in new teachers, moved the order of service around, tried changing the song service, the pastor even agreeing to shorten his sermons, but, alas, there seemed to be absolutely no way to find that one elusive step that would bring peace into the fellowship.

The pastor even talked to the deacons about him resigning, but they nixed that idea. Some of the deacons offered their resignations but that, too, was voted down. To say the least, real frustration set in, big time!

So, finally, in sheer desperation, after their struggling with this for nearly a year, the pastor, showing fatigue, shame and real nervousness, in their next meeting, said with tears in his eyes, “Brethren, I think it is time we prayed about this!”. To which one of the deacons spoke in sheer horror, “Preacher, has it come to THAT???”

In America, and around the world, we are finding problems and terror that has never been experienced on this planet. Leaders are lying to the populace of every nation. Legislative bodies are throwing up their hands in frustration and sheer exhaustion. Military’s are being cut to the bone. Every conceivable solution is being offered up by confused leaders. But everything that is offered up almost literally blows up in our faces.

We are ignoring the problem by trying to divert the world’s attention away from the real problem. We are being told that the most pressing of problems is not the one that fills almost every news broadcast and fills the daily newspapers and weekly news magazines. If we can just push this one plaguing matter to the back burner and focus on this one manufactured problem, everything will be better!

But, try as they may, the world’s leaders are being hit in the face by the increasingly daily reoccurrence of this one overwhelming matter. It seems that people are being savagely and brutally murdered around the world and there is not a single leader anywhere drawing attention to it nor offering any resolution whatsoever.

Even though these world leaders want to take any defensive means away from the man on the street, and even though they want to try to divert the world’s attention to some so-called “man-made” problem that is being hailed as the worst problem our world could ever face, this murderous rampage continues.

As serious as the real problem is, world leaders, including the leader of the free world, will not even dare to use the words to describe these savage attacks, let alone take steps to bring it all to a halt. In fact, the world’s common folk really do know what the real problem is, but even they think that they can help eliminate the problem by arming themselves with the very means that the leaders want to ban(honestly, this is more sensible than anything the leaders suggest!).

But, the ONE real and workable solution has escaped even the minds of the most sincere and honest people. You see, the God of Heaven has been declared off-limits, and has been relegated to ancients times and thinking, so He is now just the “opiate of the people” and has no place in our modern world!

Is it time for someone in some place of authority with some semblance of sanity to face up to reality and declare that it is time to pray???

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Like you, I am still struggling in my walk with God. Like you, I have not arrived. So, please respond with your comments, pro or con. All I ask is that no vulgarity, shouting down, no put-downs be used. I am a Christian and I trust that, if you are reading this blog, you are also. This blog is written by a Christian, for Christians, and so, please, let's keep all comments in that vein. In fact, this is how we all learn. So, thank you for reading this blog, and thank you for responding, again, pro or con.
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