Is The Constitution Out-dated?

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If you take the Bible out of the Church, you have no Church. Like many of the so-called “mainstream” denominations which have abandoned and set aside the Bible, there will be an organization, but one that cannot call itself a “Church” according to Scripture. And if you take the Constitution out of the United States of America, you will not have a United States of America left.

Just as surely as the Church is built on the validity of the Word of God, so the United States is founded on the validity of the Constitution. And just as surely as the Bible has served the Church very well for over 2000 years, the Constitution has served the United States very well for well over 200 years.

Now please do not misunderstand what I am saying. I am not equating any document with the Word of the Living God. To do so would be sacrilege of the highest order. But I am using the comparison to make a point. One thing that the Bible makes very clear is that the Church must be established around the Word of God, and the Church must hold the Bible as being in viable. The Bible alone must decide the validity of anything that the Church engages herself in.

The same with the Constitution. When this brilliant document was ratified by all the States, it became the basis upon which everything that the nation stood for and did from that day forward. It is the Constitution which determines laws what are made, how those laws are carried out and how the courts are to judge those laws.

But, alas, just like many of today’s denominations which are abandoning the Bible, the legislative bodies, the executive branch and the courts have set aside the Constitution as the governing document for this nation. No longer is this age-old document held up as the final authority for this nation. No longer are the elected leaders held accountable to its standards.

Just think for a moment–when was the last time you heard of a court decision made based solely on the Constitution? Is it not true that all court decisions are made based on ideology and not the Constitution? When was the last time you even heard of a court decision defended by the Constitution? Is it not true that all sides of the political spectrum want to “pack the courts” so that all future decisions will be favorable?

While these “leaders”, one and all, put their hands on the Bible and swear to uphold and preserve the Constitution, that is the last time that this document and it’s standards are even considered. They sidestep this document and “spin” their actions so to make them acceptable to the American public. Sadly, the same public that voted these people into office swallow their “spin” and keep electing them. So who is to blame here?

But, the question about why these people keep getting elected is of the utmost importance. Why do we continually vote them into office? Is it just so that we can keep complaining about their performance and the way they carry out their duties? I don’t think so. I submit that the American voting public, for the most part, is more ignorant of the Constitution than the office holder is. The average voter in America never stops to consider what violating the Constitution really means for themselves and for the nation.

When the nation abandons the Constitution, we may still have a country. But it is a country where anything goes. There is no founding principles upon which to base anything that takes place. The current leader, whoever he/she may be, is free to do as they please with no repercussions at all. They are the final authority. Their words, their decisions, their actions are based on their desires for the country, their personal opinions, their world-view and nothing, or no one, has the right nor the power to call them into account.

The result is chaos, dictatorship, unbridled authority resting only in that one person.

There are many reasons why this is happening, but I contend at the top of the list is an educational system that has left off teaching simple civics and real history. No longer are our students being taught about who we are as a people, what it took for us to become this people, and how the civil government is to work according to the Constitution. We call this the “dumbing down” of the educational system. And it works out very well for the way our “leaders” want the nation to go.

So what can be done about it? That is the “million dollar” question. And I’m not sure there is an answer to it. I’m not sure that, because of the nanny-state welfare system this engrained into our legal system that there will ever be a practical answer. When the majority of the electorate is dependent upon the state for sustenance, the voting process will continue to be as unworkable as it is now.

So, the answer is…I really don’t know. I see no answer now, short of open rebellion. And I don’t advocate, nor would I condone such a thing. And I certainly don’t see the possibility of such a thing happening, simply because it would end up with our shooting ourselves in our collective feet.

With the corrupt media that we have, the sway that the media has, the way the media controls the thinking in America, it may very well be too late. Like the so-called “churches” that have abandoned God’s Word, they still meet and call themselves “churches” and no one calls them to task for it. Is it possible that we will continue to call ourselves the “United States of America” and no one will ever object to what has happened?

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