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Man has, from time immemorial, has had yearning, hungry hearts. We have longed for so much that it seemed were so far beyond our grasp, just out of our reach. Adam and Eve in the Garden comes to mind on this subject.

And history records so many examples of this. We find so many men have sought power over others and have sought to obtain it at any cost. Their dreams were filled with visions of grandeur with themselves in the spotlight. In their minds, they see themselves seated upon the throne of power in their nation and in their generation. While it is true that a very few of these had valid and even reasonable ambitions, most of these men were nothing more than would-be dictators who were just power and money-grubbing.

As we survey the pages of history, we find so many times when the hearts of men just longed to be free. They were in bondage, in slavery, for whatever reason and their hearts secretly dreamed of being set free to live their lives as they wanted. We find so many wars fought throughout history by those who had finally had enough and they rose up in rebellion against their masters. So many died in their pursuit of liberty, but that desire was so strong in their hearts and minds that death seemed to be far better than their current status, and so they willingly laid their lives down in this noble endeavor.

We find many stories of those who saw this beautiful young thing that so bedazzled them that they threw caution to the wind in order to attract her attention. They did some of the most ridiculous things known to man in hopes of winning the hand of this object of their dreams. True, some of these young men had dishonorable thoughts and goals, but for the most part,they were noble young men who just wanted this beauty as their bride for life. And when that day finally arrived that she said, “Yes”, his heart leaped with joy and his life was now complete.

We find many, many stories of those who marched across the pages of history whose dreams whirled around the accumulation of wealth. Many of these came from very humble, even poor, beginnings. But getting rich was all they could ever think about. Money, with its power and status filled their every waking hour. They applied themselves, got as much education as they could, worked long hours, scrimped and saved every penny they could, and finally the day arrived that they could live life as they had so long dreamed and on their own terms. Again, there were many who wanted wealth and tried to cut so many corners, even robbing, stealing and taking advantage of those who stood in their way. While the honest man realized the fulfillment of his dreams, these dishonest men also realized the end of their dreams.

We find, as we search the pages of history, many who longed to find some semblance of happiness in life. To each of these, happiness may mean many different things and many different results in life. Each of these sought their goal in many ways, each one defining happiness in their own way. Alas, we find that so many of these spent their lifetimes searching in different ways and in different places for their longed-for goal. We find them trying every avenue known to man and  most of them died so disappointed with their results. The writer of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament was none other than King Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived. He describes his pursuits as he searched for this elusive goal and even though he had all the wealth he needed to fund his search, he found that nothing in this world would grant his heart the goal he so longed for.

As we look through these pages of history, I suppose that the most sought after goal in anyone’s life was peace. Man has longed for peace of mind, peace of heart, peace in everyday life from the days of the Garden of Eden. And, O, the paths humanity has traveled in this search. I suppose that should we question every person we encountered in life about what it is that they desired above all else, it would be peace. Now, they may search for this peace by using different ideas and descriptions as they pursued so many other things thinking that these things would bring them this wondrous goal.

I challenge you to go to the local shopping mall and seat yourself in what I call the hallway of the mall, that place where shoppers pace from store to store, looking in display windows. They are indeed, involved in that great  American pastime, “window shopping”. As you sit there looking at the passers-by, look in their eyes. Eyes are indeed the window to the soul. The one thing that I have noticed as I would sit there from time to time is the longing in their eyes. Every one of them would look longingly at each display window, looking for that ONE thing that will truly satisfy the longing in their hearts and minds.

And as they pass each window and pause to look, you can see the sheer desperation as they search for that ONE thing. And they have their checkbook, their wallet or their plastic ready to purchase that ONE thing that satisfies that longing. They will jump on it and run home just knowing that finally peace and contentment has been found. They now have that ONE thing that has evaded them all along, and now they have found it and peace, contentment and happiness has arrived!

The only problem with this is that this newly found joy is so short-lived. The very next time they find themselves in that same mall, they go right back to doing just what they did the last time-searching for peace and contentment.

History records that many years ago, there was a newborn Infant in a small out-of-the-way place called Bethlehem. He was none other than the Eternal God in human flesh, born into this dark world to meet the deepest longing of any and all human heats. This Infant was none other than Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and He came in our midst to deliver us from ourselves, our sin and our deepest longings. For it is in Him, and in Him alone, that you, me or any other human being can and will ever find the true meaning of peace, contentment, happiness, joy, fulfillment and hope.

You see, the true longing of our hearts will never be completely satisfied with fame, fortune, power, companionship or anything else found in this dark, sin-cursed world. Everything that we see, we touch, we hoard, we claim–all have been touched by the same sin that our own hearts and lives have. And because they have been, their fleeting joy is very short-lived and even phony.

Only this Eternal One Who came into our midst really knows what it takes to grant to you and me that which we so desperately need. You and I need to be delivered from our sin and then, and only then, will we find that joy, happiness, contentment, fulfillment that we long for, and the best part of it all is that what He gives us has never, will never and can never be touched by sin, nor can we ever lose it like we can the things that this world puts into our hands.

So, the question I suppose is this, will I EVER be content apart from Jesus? Will I EVER find anything in this world that will truly satisfy my hungry heart other than my Savior and my God?


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