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The story is told about an evangelist, who, while preaching a “meeting” in a local church, asked the congregation what the meaning of the word “apathy” was. Someone from the back who was clueless and careless spoke up with, “I don’t know and I don’t care!” To which the evangelist declared, “Right!”

That is the attitude of most church members today. Without any idea of how serious the problem is, they “go along to get along” and the church finds themselves “in a rut”(by the way, are you aware that a rut is nothing than a grave with both ends kicked out?). Sad to say that most pastors today have no clue about the dire need for a real awakening in the church. We have become so accustomed to things as they are that it has become the new normal-so why create problems by upsetting the apple cart?

We have our “order of service” that is neatly laid out for us and everything has to be conducted so as to not try to change anyone or upset them. We stand on cue, we sit on cue, we bow on cue, we open the Bible on cue, we listen on cue and then be dismissed on cue. If God were to show up, it would destroy “our” service, frighten everyone and many of our “regular members” may be so upset and disturbed that they would never darken the door again.

Judges 2:10 says, “…there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which He did for Israel.” The modern church has among its regular pew sitters a generation that, while they, like these described in this passage, are members of the people of God, but have never seen God move in any mighty way. They have been “raised in church” being there even while in the womb, raised in church, been in Sunday School, VBS, Discipleship Training, etc. and are now church leaders, but never have they seen God infiltrate a worship service.

And so it is “business as usual” and no one even notices today. As long as we can count “nickels and noses”, the bills being paid and the pastor seemingly satisfied, everybody is happy.

How do we reverse this? How do we get through to the congregation that serving the God of Heaven involves far more than this? How do we awaken the church and not destroy it at the same time? Is it time to have some “blessed subtractions” in order to have some “blessed additions”? Is it time to shake things so violently that it will really upset the membership and force their attention? Reluctantly I say this–it may be time for some funerals to get some obstacles out of the way.

I often wonder if John were a modern apostle and received the Revelation today, what letter would the Risen Christ dictate to him about the church today? What would the Risen Lord have to say to us today? Would it be more violent than “I am ready to vomit you up”(Rev.3:15,16)? Seeing the condition of society today, and the church supposedly being the “conscience” of the society, what would He say to us?

If there were ever a time in church history when a movement of God was needed, it is today. But will it ever happen? I hear many talk of an “end-time revival”. I hope they are right, but(“O, ye of little faith”) I don’t see it. I will say this–if there is an “end-time” revival, it will truly be a work of God, not of the modern church, simply because WE DON’T CARE ANYMORE!!

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