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Are you aware that the root word for “heresy”, according to “An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words” by W.E. Vines is “opinion”?

Every one of us demands our “right” to our opinion, and you are wrong if your “opinion” does not agree with mine. Just wonder how many fights, splits, heartaches, divisions, etc., in the church could have been avoided if we had not demanded our “right” to be a heretic?
You see, when we become a born-again believer, we become slaves of Jesus Christ, and slaves don’t have “rights”. We forfeit our “right” to our “rights”. As slaves, our only “right” is to be totally submitted to Him through His Word.
In all my years in the ministry, I have never heard one person base his opinion on the Word of God. It is ALWAYS based on human “opinion” that is so far removed from revealed Truth that there can be no application nor comparison whatsoever. I have never had one of them give Scripture for their position.
Now I know that some are really going to ruffled by my even mentioning their “opinion” carries no weight, but in your anger, what Scripture do you stand upon???

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Like you, I am still struggling in my walk with God. Like you, I have not arrived. So, please respond with your comments, pro or con. All I ask is that no vulgarity, shouting down, no put-downs be used. I am a Christian and I trust that, if you are reading this blog, you are also. This blog is written by a Christian, for Christians, and so, please, let's keep all comments in that vein. In fact, this is how we all learn. So, thank you for reading this blog, and thank you for responding, again, pro or con.
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